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Welcome to Sports4U Swimming Center

Why swimming is such important in your life? One of main reasons is this has to do with element of hydrophobia (fear of the water). Moreover, it helps to develop a healthy life, enjoy wonderful moment with your loves one and etc.

Sports4U swimming center was established in year 2006 @ Oakleaf Club in Bukit Antarabangsa. We believed that everyone can swim and enjoy a wonderful life underwater and be alert, regardless your age and ability unless you DON'T possess the right attitude of learning or interest of swimming!


7 reasons why you must DISCOVER our swimming class

  1. Provide an extraordinary teaching method with systematic and fun
  2. Experienced and patience coach to maintain the quality of teaching
  3. Able to coach from 1 year old to 60 years old
  4. Small group class
  5. Discuss & report your kid's or your performance by head of coach
  6. Save your time and money as well as flexibility timetable available
  7. Comfortable and nice environment


Our Mission

  • Academy – Tuition Class, Writing Class, GROLIER learning resources & etc
  • Activities –Swimming Class, I-CLAY, Art & Craft & etc
  • Attitude – Right attitude of learning

Our mission is focusing on 2Q and 3A, which is Quality of teaching method and Quantity of student and we will help parents to lead your children possess the right Attitude of learning in Academy & Activities at every stage of their development. In others hand, we will discuss their progress of learning and provide a performance report in our center. Also, we will cooperate with parents to develop them to take on the challenge in a highly competitive environment with

  • Proper guidance
  • Patience
  • Encouragement
  • Praise and so on

Besides that, the right attitude can aid the learning process to a great extent. But, how do you ensure that your children possess a right attitude?


  1. Interest
  2. Discipline
  3. Confidence
  4. Perseverance
  5. Success