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faq (frequently asked questions)

Q: What swimming equipments should I bring?
A: Only the swimming trunk / suit and goggles as well as swimming cap (if necessary).

Q: How many students do you coach in a class?
A: 5 to 8 students per coach and 2 to 3 coaches will standby in a class.

Q: Can my son enroll in your swimming class? He is 2 years old.
A: Yes, he can. We able coach from 1 year old until 60 years old and he will join in baby class.

Q: May I know how many classes can I attend in a week, once a week?
A: At least once a week but you can attend more than one class in a week.

Q: My kids is a special kids, can he attend your swimming class?
A: Yes, he can attend in our class but we may arrange private class for him (depends on situation).

Q: Can my kids attend 2 classes continuously?
A: Yes, your kids can do but you need to make sure your kids can sustainable.

Q: I can swim breastroke but can you coach me freestyle?
A: Yes, we need check and polish up your breastroke if necessary. Then, we will coach you the freestyle if your breatroke meet our standard.

Q: How do I enroll the swimming class?
A: You need to come and visit us and then our person in-charge will explain our syllabus and T&C to you.

Q: How do I settle the payment?
A: Basically, you need to pay the payment to our club management so that you can settle with credit card or cash.

Q: Can I use the swimming pool during my kids attend the swimming class?
A: No, the reason is you are NOT our students even thought you kids do. FYI, only the members and our students allow using the swimming pool.