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Pumpkin Learning House


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adults class

Adults Class (13 to 60 years old)
Our program for adults is start with:-

  1. Breastroke
  2. Front Crawl (Freestyle)
  3. Backstroke
  4. Butterfly
  5. Advance including water safety skill, competition stroke and etc.

We are professional and experienced coaches throughout the years so that we will behave ourselves to touch any part of your body except your palm and foot if necessary during the class.

Moreover, we have lots of experiences and patience to overcome your hydrophobia problems. You will enjoy a wonderful moment with your loves one during vacation in entire life!




Personal class

Personal Class
This program is catered for those students have restriction such as:-

  1. No time to join in our group class
  2. Shy
  3. Enjoy in privacy environment
  4. Special kids
  5. Inconvenience location

We offer 6 classes course (an hour per class) in a term and you can choose the location and schedule:

  1. Location:
    i. Enjoy your swimming class in our swimming pool @ Oakleaf Club in Bukit Antarabangsa.
    ii. Enjoy your swimming class in your swimming pool such as bungalow house, condominium, and apartment or club house.

  2. Schedule:
    i. Flexibility schedules, which is depends on your and our time but you need to finish 6 classes within certain period.




Year End School Holiday Intensive class

Year End School Holiday Intensive Class
We will open extra classes during year end school holiday due to some of students need to learn how to swim during this period.